WAH Campaign 2017 – Libraries!

Dear Asha Patrons,

Thank you for supporting Asha through the years. Help from generous donors like you has enabled us to educate thousands of children throughout India.

We are in the midst of Asha’s Work an Hour Campaign 2017. Work an Hour highlights the issue of illiteracy in India to donors worldwide and symbolically requests you to donate an hour, or more, of your salary towards education of underprivileged children.

We have nominated our Sahanivasa project and we invite you to help us support and encourage a reading habit amongst the young children. Our goal is to provide and replenish the stock of books and start libraries in 5 of the primary schools. Books have been proven repeatedly to help in learning – a habit of reading learnt young helps the child throughout life.

We are looking to raise $2000 for these libraries from this campaign and have raised $640 so far. Please help us reach our target by October 15th.

For just an hour a day, you can help us achieve our goal towards this project.

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Learn more: ‘Sahanivasa’ – Boston project nominated for WAH Campaign 2017

We thank you in advance.

Find out more about Sahanivasa.

Find out more about Asha for Education.

Kind Regards,
Asha Boston

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