Girls Dominate

In the West there is so much emphasis on encouraging girls to go into STEM fields. Because of various social and cultural perceptions, very small numbers of girls study STEM subjects after school. There are numerous initiatives working on this issue.

In India, even in rural areas, girls are going to school in vast numbers. There is a new found sense that education opens opportunities. Government schools in rural Karnataka have more girls than boys in many classes.

And the interest in Science is palpable. We do not need special initiatives to increase their interest in Science. They are curious and eager, and just waiting for opportunities to learn. At the recently concluded Vigynana Habba, part of the Vignyana Vahni (Mobile Science Van project), girls dominated every competition.

All the girls need is a chance. They will do wonders. They need teachers (not vacant and unfilled positions), lab equipment and experiments (not just diagrams in a book), chances to discuss and ask questions (not just copy material from the board). They don’t need any special encouragement to study Science …. They are ready and eager. They need just the basic aspects of a decent school.

Let’s help them!

We are grateful to Oracle for supporting us in this endeavor.

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