It is heart-warming when our project students help others

SEED PLAN students have always been keen on helping others. Whatever advantages they get from the SEED centers they are eager to share with others. Recently, the SEED PLAN volunteer street play team designed and performed street theater in the village of Rajakambeeram near Madurai to create awareness of a new Indian government scheme. Under this scheme the government gives subsidies for constructing toilets in homes, but no one knows about the scheme. As the SEED PLAN students explained to us, “In India only 30% of people have toilet in their homes. A lot of health and hygiene problems emerge due to that, and women are the worst affected. Nobody knows about the Indian government scheme to provide subsidy, so our theater team planned this awareness activity.”

The beautiful victory for the team was that 36 families registered in the village panchayat to construct toilets in their homes. The village president has said work will start from Monday. 2 SEED PLAN volunteers are assisting the panchayat president with forms and related registration activity, ensuring that the work continues.

Government schemes are often not used effectively, so spreading awareness is very important. We are proud of the initiative taken by SEED PLAN.

On Friday the Madurai District Collector will inaugurate this construction and will be honoring SEED PLAN! We are very proud.

More details of SEED PLAN are here and here.


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